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I have a problem--
I love hearing from my readers, but I’m a lousy correspondent.

(I know I’m not the only person with this problem.
I, too, send e-mails that never receive replies.
It’s the curse of the Information Highway.)

Anyway, you can send me an e-mail
my address is:
and there’s always a chance that I’ll write back...

The best way to make contact with me, though
is via LynnsWorlds,
a readers’ group I maintain, for the moment anyway,
under the Yahoo Groups umbrella

I’m pretty good about keeping current with
LynnsWorlds messages
(and there’s the added benefit of becoming part of
a diverse group of readers all of whom are
worth talking to.)

For readers whose interest is more specifically focused on
Thieves’ World®
there’s a Yahoo Thieves’ World® group, too.

I don’t respond to messages in in the Yahoo Thieves’ World® group,
but several of the anthology authors are active there
and, in keeping in the overall TW mood,
the walls are porous and rumors invariably get to the right ears.


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