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Weight-y Resolutions

My knees sent me a message about a month ago.  They asked if I remembered seeing an x-ray of my right knee back in the 80s — the one that prompted the tech to say my cartilage was deficient and that I would be a candidate for a knee replacement sooner or later.  They asked if I remembered having a tumor removed from the back of my left kneecap back in the 90s — and how that had left me with a mismatched patella and femur.

Then they said, emphatically: Lose Weight, YOU IDIOT!!!

I pointed out that I was getting ready for DragonCon and that the Embroiderers’ Guild of America national seminar would begin less than a week after that, and how neither event would be conductive to a sane diet or regular exercise.  But I promised that I’d get my act together as soon as I got home from Naples (Florida…not Italy…site of the just-ended seminar).

I don’t run — not with those knees!  But I walk and in the past that (along with Weight Watchers/onlkine) has been sufficient to stoke my metabolism and whittle away the excess.  I want to lose thirty pounds which will leave me a handful of pounds above my actuarially-defined “ideal weight” — because I’ve decided that folks my age look better with a bit of reserve.

My iPod has a pedometer function which can feed data to Nike (isn’t the Internet wonderful????) and in an effort to keep myself honest and motivated, I’m going to let it broadcast my daily walks to Facebook.  Thank heaven that Weight Watchers hasn’t implemented a similar sharing function…

2 comments to Weight-y Resolutions

  • I will attest to the fact that you walked every morning (but the one I left) when *I* was with you in Naples (Florida, not Italy). I am assuming you slept in after I left. Sigh.

  • Laurie S. Sutton

    And I will attest to the fact that you walked every day at DragonCon (even uphill). I suppose it was a blessing in disguise that our hotel was a couple of blocks from the main convention activities.