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Thieves' World hits the Big Time...

Jeopardy ran one of its College Tournaments last week and the $800 question on the Valentine’s Day show was….

Medicinal-sounding last name of Robert Lynn, whose fantasy works include “Thieves’ World” & “Myth Adventures” …

and the answer was (of course)

Aspirin (no points for spelling)


5 comments to Thieves’ World hits the Big Time…

  • And the $1000 question: Convent-sounding name of author Lynn who actually did all the work on Thieves’ World, plus wrote tons and tons of cool novels! 😀

    I totally missed this. Guess I should get both you and Carolyn on that RSS feed thing, shouldn’t I? maybe join the 21st century at last? Sheesh…

  • Hey…how come your logo’s not showing on this page?!?

  • Nevermind…it was noscript…again. ARGH! Wonder why it worked on the home page…

    BTW, your jay pix are wunnerful! Is that one sitting on someone’s shoulder/back? I tried to comment on the slideshow, but it wouldn’t let me. do I need to be logged into something?

  • Martha

    blog only showed when I hit view without frames. Newer and Older did nothing.

  • Hi Lynn:

    We picked you as the winner of the class giveaway–could you contact us so we can get some details? Please write to orna@ornadesign.com. If we don’t hear back in a week, we will give the space to someone else, so try to get in touch! Congrats!!