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Technical Difficulties in the Neighborhood

In one of those masterpieces of missed communications, we seem to have temporarily lost cherryh.com. We’re looking for it and when we find it, we’ll nail its little feet to the Closed-Circle floor.

. . . → Read More: Technical Difficulties in the Neighborhood

The Digital Nativity…

This morning’s inbox brought me a bit of humor from my cousin…

It’s clever all by itself, but, once I stopped chuckling, I realized that it was actually a tutorial in social networking and suddenly I had new insights into this whole social networking thing.

Between it and TIME magazine’s “Person . . . → Read More: The Digital Nativity

Still Cold…

I have heat, but it’s not from a furnace. I have a heat pump, which is a marvelous invention, most of the time. Heat pumps can change my in-house air temperatures about twenty degrees. In the summer, that means I can subtract about twenty degrees from the outdoor ambient and in winter, I . . . → Read More: Still Cold…

Closed Circle — We Have Liftoff

It’s taken a month, but the carpenter ants have finished: The Closed Circle site where my friends CJ Cherryh and Jane Fancher and I intend to establish ourselves (and, more importantly, our work) on the . . . → Read More: Closed Circle — We Have Liftoff

Much Ado About Nothing

The observant will note that Face of Chaos is looking a bit more austere right now.

Apparently my old look/feel theme wasn’t completely compatible with the version of WordPress that I installed when I migrated everything to the new server last week. I could have simply ported everything into a fully compatible theme, . . . → Read More: Much Ado About Nothing

I Solve A Problem

April 11, 2009

Actually, I solved the problem a while ago, it’s updating the blog that’s taken forever.

The problem was my parents’ television set. Back after the holidays, when we all thought that The Great Television Signal Shift was going to take place in February, my mom prevailed upon my dad to . . . → Read More: I Solve A Problem