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The Digital Nativity…

This morning’s inbox brought me a bit of humor from my cousin…

It’s clever all by itself, but, once I stopped chuckling, I realized that it was actually a tutorial in social networking and suddenly I had new insights into this whole social networking thing.

Between it and TIME magazine’s “Person . . . → Read More: The Digital Nativity

Seeking North

We talk. The three of us inside Closed Circle (Jane, CJ, and me) talk – not as often as we could or should, but we’re trying to do better at not letting time and the better part of a continent stall our communication. We’re scheduling weekly conversations now and have . . . → Read More: Seeking North

Weekend thoughts…

Statistically, any day could be a bad news day: the phone rings and a few seconds later your life’s crossed a threshold from which there’s no going back.  And, statistically, the older you get and the older the people around you get, the better the odds are that any particular call will . . . → Read More: Weekend thoughts…

We got a nice plug yesterday…

I’ve been wrestling with some chronic vision issues caused by living in a part of the country that is too bright for my Britain-based genes so I missed this nice mention of Closed Circle over at the Dear Author blog

Their tag line includes the dreaded word “romance,” but . . . → Read More: We got a nice plug yesterday…

Pronoun Problems (Macmillan Again)

The kerfluffle has gone another round. John Sargent, CEO at Macmillan, has penned an open letter to Macmillan authors and illustrators, with a CC to literary agents.

Already I’m confused. All agents? Just those agents with clients at Macmillan? There is a difference. But, since I’m definitely a Macmillan . . . → Read More: Pronoun Problems (Macmillan Again)

Is there an entrepreneur in the house?

This morning’s email brought me a message from the Authors Guild, of which I am a longtime member.  You can read it for yourselves here—in fact, they’re encouraging me to “feel free to forward, post, or tweet.” 

Clearly, my Guild is part of Team Macmillan.  I’m not going to . . . → Read More: Is there an entrepreneur in the house?