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Weekend thoughts…

Statistically, any day could be a bad news day: the phone rings and a few seconds later your life’s crossed a threshold from which there’s no going back.  And, statistically, the older you get and the older the people around you get, the better the odds are that any particular call will . . . → Read More: Weekend thoughts…

I’m Impressed…and a bit taken aback

Jeff Bezos made an announcement a little while ago…

Amazon.com Now Selling More Kindle Books Than Hardcover Books

Since we started Closed Circle, my best guess had been that e-readers like Kindle were going to wipe out the market for mass-market books before they dented hardcovers.  I’d focused . . . → Read More: I’m Impressed…and a bit taken aback

An interesting analysis of the “agency model”

Random House vs. Apple’s iPad: Stall Tactics Only Hurt Authors, Sales

with thanks to Elaine—who always enjoys legal humor

Administrivia – Part 2

I have been remiss.  A week or so ago, at the height of the Amazon/Macmillan kerfluffle, a commenter pointed out that nowhere here at Face of Chaos did I take the time to identify myself nor had I done anything to satisfy a newcomer’s curiosity about my storytelling.

I took steps to . . . → Read More: Administrivia – Part 2

Stray thoughts

I don’t think there’s been such an interesting (in that proverbial Chinese-curse sense) or exciting time in the publishing industry. Movable type, maybe, but that didn’t occur against the backdrop of the Internet and it’s possible that the scriptorium monks weren’t all that heartbroken about losing their jobs.

I’ve tucked up a half-dozen . . . → Read More: Stray thoughts

Pronoun Problems (Macmillan Again)

The kerfluffle has gone another round. John Sargent, CEO at Macmillan, has penned an open letter to Macmillan authors and illustrators, with a CC to literary agents.

Already I’m confused. All agents? Just those agents with clients at Macmillan? There is a difference. But, since I’m definitely a Macmillan . . . → Read More: Pronoun Problems (Macmillan Again)