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Sixty-three and counting...

I’ve had a beautiful birthday in Southwest Florida — the aftermath of the Embroiderers’ Guild Seminar the preparations for which have filled so much of this past year.

Lois and I had high hopes of doing a dolphin watching cruise that made promises about its concern for research, ecology, and such, but its boat is having engine problems (I’m not surprised, but that’s a different story) and had to cancel. This morning Lois and I tried to connect with a somewhat less high-toned outfit, but their boat was out of the water (September’s the s-l-o-w month in this part of the state). In the end, we settled for the most commercial, touristy outfit because it was at least running its boats.

It seemed to me they were more concerned about showing their handful of customers how the other half lives in Naples (or, as our putative “captain” said — “how the other 1% live” — so perhaps he was no more entranced by what we were seeing than I was.

Really…butt-ugly mansions, one after the other. Lots of marble, pointless fountains, and hurricane shutters, but less-than-zero charm. None of them would have looked out of place on an evening news expose of a petty dictator’s tawdry (preferably ransacked) “compound.”

It’s enough to make me actually consider becoming a socialist!

But then we returned to the main channel where nature still has a chance. We saw a handful of dolphins — including a bottlenose mother and calf — brown pelicans diving for lunch, and a truly majestic bald eagle soaring solo against the rising clouds.

That clears the mind and spirit.

Lois and I are heading out shortly for a birthday dinner of Thai and sushi (foods that were utterly unavailable here in the late 1940s!) which will make for an ideal end to the day.

I’m grateful to everyone who’s touched my Facebook “wall” with a birthday greeting.

Tomorrow, when I return to Leesburg and try to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my time when I’m not doing seminar stuff, I’ll make my annual “new year’s resolution” to do a better job posting here and…WRITING FICTION!!

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