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Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

I swore that there’d be no blogging until I a) got my Orion’s Children series ready for publication at Closed Circle and B) Finished the next (seemingly endless) section of Seeking North.  I’m halfway there…

It’s taken far longer than I thought it would (The surprise isn’t that every ebook has display problems, no matter the format, platform or device; the surprise is that any ebook display anything at all!) but at long last, not only have my Orion’s Childrenbooks been freed from their original publisher, they’re available here at Closed-Circle.

The words are, anyway.

Jane and CJ are graphic artists in addition to being damn-fine writers.  I’m pretty good with needle and thread, but, somehow, a counted-thread cover, even one embellished with goldwork, didn’t seem appropriate (Though Jillian Temaki has done some excellent embroidered covers for Penguin Classics.) So, I had this brilliant idea that I would commission covers from an experienced cover artist, because all this dead-tree to digital paradigm shifting is affecting cover artists as much or more than it’s affecting writers.  I approached Don Maitz, whose work I’ve loved since first I saw it.  He was interested in improving his digital skills…and, trust me, the sketches (are they still called sketches when they’re done digitally?) are fantastic.  But we agreed from the beginning that he’d work on my covers only in the “slow times” and, fortunately for him, if not for me, he’s having less slow time now than when we started the project.

I thought about keeping the Children under wraps until Don’s covers were ready, but there’s no guessing when that will happen.  So…the fool rushed in and made herself some covers.  Jane stepped in and made them better (much better) but anyone who knows her art will realize that they’re fundamentally not her style.

When Don’s covers are ready, I’ll send new (and much better looking) files to everyone who’s already bought the titles, because it’s the stories that matter and I hope you’ll enjoy them.  They’re available on the Orion’s Children page.  If you scroll down to the bottom, you can purchase the whole series at a 25% discount!

10 comments to Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

  • Brad Reed

    Was really glad to see your new books on Closed Circle (Behind Time, Down Time, Out of Time, Taking Time). Bought and downloading now. 🙂

  • Lynn

    Thanks for the quick support! I tried to test the files etc. six ways from Sunday, but if I missed something (which I probably did), please let me know…

  • Hanneke

    Congratulations on getting all four books up. I just bought the set on Closed Circle, and I’ve already downloaded them from the CC-page. Everything went flawlessly.
    I am really happy with that new feature on CC, and with the extended 48 instead of 24 hour deadline on the email-links.

    I use my workmail-address, but the computers at work block Closed Circle, so the timing on the 24-hour turnaround was difficult. This new way gives me immediate access, and if that shouldn’t work sometime, the extra time to get the mail-link to a PC from which I can download them will be margin enough.
    As I understand you do a lot of the technical stuff for the Closed Circle site, I wanted to thank you for those improvements as well as for the four new books.

  • Lynn

    Jane’s the one who got the longer links — she handles the “back office” stuff. I handle the “off-the-property” things…like application upgrades and server migrations. It would be easier if we were still living in the same house, but it’s astonishing how good the cross-continent communication is these days.

  • Irenie

    Just finished the last of the Orion’s Children books last night. It was *late* (Sydney, Australia time), but I had to finish, and once I did really wanted to keep reading (so: More Please)!!
    I really enjoyed these books: so good to read about a gutsy, brave, real female progagonist who’s not a teenager. Add an original premise, great characterisation and plot twists… what more do you need?
    All in all very entertaining and highly, highly recommended.
    Thank YOU! Irene

  • Sibyl Smirl

    So when are you going to write a resolution to “Orion’s Children”? I want to know what/who Longleigh is, how Emma settles her debt, and what/who the “golden child” is, and “Down Time” was copyrighted seven years ago! I went to http://www.closed-circle.net/lynn-abbeys-orions-children/ figuring maybe there was at least one more out as an e-book, but apparently no such luck.

    I quit reading the Thieves’ World books when they got downright repulsive, and then later I read an old copy of “The Guardians”, which convinced me to give “Orion’s Children” a try. It’s a pretty good series, and doesn’t exactly end in “cliff-hangers”, but I’d really like to see more resolution than “Down Time” ended in.

    • Lynn

      I’m sorry that you’re unhappy/upset with me. Life is too short for literary frustration and no author wants to be the cause of it for anyone.

      That said, please believe me when I say that your displeasure with the Orion’s Children publishing experience cannot compare to mine when, after turning in DOWN TIME to ACE, I learned that they’d concluded that “the series had run its course” and that while they wouldn’t return the manuscript or allow me to continue it elsewhere, they did intend to kill it after DOWN TIME was published.

      I was unable to retrieve the rights to my suddenly deceased series until about a month before it arrived at Closed Circle.

      As to when will I write a resolution…honestly, it all depends on whether I live long enough to get the bitter taste out of my mouth now that I have, after years of effort, retrieved all my accessible rights from ACE.

      I’d like to think that I will return to Emma and Co. Once upon a time I had no end of ideas for her adventures, but like things left too long in the freezer, they appear neither appetizing or nourishing right now.

      Although—and without promises—just yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with a close friend about what it would take for me to bring Emma back via short stories rather than novels. My friend challenged me with questions about a certain restaurant in Shreveport, LA…

      With luck, the muse will return….

  • joekc6nlx

    Just out of curiosity, I am wondering if any of the readers (electronic and/or human) have had a problem with the page-turning functions? My Sony eReader seems to hang up for a few seconds when I turn the page, and then there are the blank pages where the story has gotten intense, and I have to press the page turn button twice (oh my aching cuticles).

    The stories are really riveting, and I’m glad I downloaded the full set of Orion’s Children. I just finished “Behind Time” this morning, and now I’m set to wondering where I’m going to follow Emma next.

    • Lynn

      I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying OC.

      Interesting. I haven’t turned every page on my Kindle, but I haven’t noticed a difference between OC and any other book that I’ve read…which is not to say that I haven’t had the blank-page problem a few times and embedded graphics can really impact page-turning performance. I use Nook-for-PC to emulate the overall epub experience, but I’ve never actually fondled a Nook.

      I did have a chance to read a (non-Closed-Circle) book on a Kindle/Fire a few weeks ago and found the experience much more pleasant than I was expecting. I’m still not overly fond of swiping the screen to change pages—no matter how careful I was, it seemed that my fingers left their mark on the screen after a while and that affected the sharpness of the underlying text—but I scarcely noticed the back illumination, even when I was reading in a dark room.