For the Love of Words

It was a lovely Christmas, filled with family, friends, and almost more food than I could eat, but I’m back to work today, determined to meet my self-imposed deadline of New Year’s Eve for the first installment of Seeking North .

I have to take periodic breaks from writing, not so much because I over-run my imagination, but because my shoulders and back can’t take it these days.  So I get up, walk around, mainline coffee, and read non-fiction, usually in the form of whatever magazine is near my feet or whichever one of the many blogs I follow has put up newest post.  I wind up reading more about “current events” than is really healthy, but every so often I encounter a truly humbling chunk of prose.

Today I was humbled by Rick Bragg’s mayonnaise essay.  There is a reason this man has won a Pulitzer.  (“…New Orleans, where you have to go uphill to drown” – I would kill to have created that line.)

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