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Flu shot

Since contracting Legionnaire’s Disease in 1986, I’ve been devout about getting a flu shot.  I like to get them around Labor Day, but this year, between Dragon*Con and the EGA seminar, my injection schedule never came together.  But I had a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment this morning and planned to get one then (rather than in the WalMart parking lot where I’ve gotten them for the last few years).

So much for plans.

Instead of incubating my immunity, I’m ingesting antibiotics and steroids.  Seems I’ve been nurturing a lung infection — probably chronic bronchitis, possibly “walking pneumonia.”  An x-ray could determine which, but my doctor said she’d be prescribing the same medication, so I opted against the picture…at least until we see how I’m doing two weeks from now.

I guess this explains why coming home after the seminar hasn’t produced a restorative burst of energy.

4 comments to Flu shot

  • Funny, you just gave Monty and me a cold. We are both over it now, thank you.

    • Lynn

      I’ve been worried about that.

      I’ve heard of a couple other con-crud cases coming out of Dragon*Con, but everybody threw it off quickly and without medical intervention. I don’t know if it’s something I acquired in Atlanta or if I might have been incubating it for most of the summer and Dragon simply pushed me over the edge.

      Some of the things I was attributing to stress in the seminar run-up are consistent with “walking pneumonia.”

      I’m glad you and Monty have recovered. This antibiotic/steroid cocktail is heavy-duty stuff. I took a nap after the first dose and had hallucinatory dreams about losing my wallet.

      Not fun.

  • Lynn Yates

    Glad your doc caught it. I’ve had the chronic bronchitis/ walking pneumonia thing (working in a dog grooming shop was a great place to get it) & so has Steve. It can escalate pretty quickly into a really nasty full-blown pneumonia — the “go to hospital NOW or you’ll die” kind. Yeah, the meds suck, but should work. If they don’t, go back; it may take 2 rounds of antibiotics, or a stronger one.

  • smartcat

    So sorry to hear about your respiratory problems. As Lynn Y. says pay attention to any downturns.

    This from someone who walked around with a reoccurrence of Lyme Disease for three or four months before a Duh! moment. Which was probably brought about due to lowered resistance after a very bad tooth infection!