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Cleaning out the proverbial attic…

From Lynn Abbey’s personal collection of  Author’s and Editor’s copies.  All items are in brand new condition, allowing only minor yellowing of pages dating back to the 1970’s.

Excepting material in shrink wrap, they are all signed by Lynn Abbey

 ~~~~Prices are negotiable depending on size of your order~~~~~
 ~~Prices include shipping~~


Please ask questions if in doubt.  Images of individual items are available.

We accept PayPal and personal checks. Please send an email for payment information.

The following titles are from the “Classic” ACE Thieves’ World® editions published in the 1980’s. Most are first printing, a few are United Kingdom editions. Send an email to 1940ronabbey@gmail.com for additional information.

Currently priced at $6.25 each.  
#1 Thieves’ World
#2 Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn
#3 Shadows of Sanctuary
#4 Storm Season
#8 Soul of the City
#10 Aftermath
#11 Uneasy Alliances

    Or buy all 7 books for only $39.00


First Blood – from Tor. An omnibus volume that contains Thieves’ World and Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn –  466 pages – Trade paper format . $25.95.

Cross Currents – Science-Fiction Book Club edition. Contains the volumes 4-6 of the “Classic” ACE Thieves’ World® series. (Storm Season, Face of Chaos, and Wings Of Omen.)  628 pages. Hard Cover; $25.95

The Shattered Sphere – Science-Fiction Book Club edition. Contains volumes 7-9 of the “Classic” ACE Thieves’ World® Series (Dead Of Winter, Soul Of The City, and Blood Ties) 328 pages.  Hard Cover; $25.95.

    Or buy all 3 for the low price of only $69.00


Sanctuary– A Thieves’ World® novel published by TOR Publishing. The bridge between the twelve ACE anthologies the two Tor anthologies. Written by Lynn Abbey.  480 pages. Hard Cover  $19.50

Turning Points – First of the two TOR Thieves’ World® anthologies. 480 pages; hard cover. $19.50

Enemies of Fortune – Second of the two TOR Thieves’ World® anthologies. 352 pages; hard cover; $19.50.

    Or buy all three of the TOR titles for only $55.00


    More Thieves’ World® material:

Thieves’ World® Companion – Role-Playing Under the Beysibs — Chasoium, Inc. – Universal Supplement Series.  RPG Supplement covering volumes 3-6 of the Classic ACE anthologies. 47 pages; trade paper format; $55.00

Sanctuary – The Thieves’ World® board game  – Mayfair Publishing – new, in shrink wrap $68.00

Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn – Green Ronin Publishing – RPG adventure module in the D20 gaming system. 79 page; trade paper format.   Owen K.C. Stephens.. $39.00.
    Designed as a reader-friendly introduction to D20 gaming.system, it’s set in the Irrune (TOR anthologies) era and features a Dyareelan plot to infect the city with a plague.

Thieves’ World® – The Player’s Manual – Green Ronin Publishing – 190 pages; hard cover; heavily illustrated.  Players’ source book in the D20 gaming system.  $35.00

The Blue Camel – FASA Press – A short RPG adventure distributed at gaming conventions in the early 1980’s but never issued for retail sale. $48.00

Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary – Green Ronin Publishing – Campaign setting by Arron Rosenberg, Robert J. Schwalb, et al. A neighborhood-by-neighborhood source book for D20 gaming in Sanctuary. Although it focuses on the Irrune (TOR anthologies) era, it contains information about the Rankan (ACE anthologies) era and describes points of interest outside the city walls. It contains a list of every (and I do mean every) character ever mentioned in any of the anthologies. 251 pages; hard cover; heavily illustrated; $39.00.

The Thieves’ World® Gazetteer – Green Ronin Publishing – Game master’s source book that expands both the time-line and the geographic range of the Thieves’ World® anthologies to include the entire Rankan Empire, Ilsig, the exotic west beyond Mrsevada, and many points in between. It also fills out a time line that reaches back three millennia . 144 pages; trade-paper format; heavily illustrated; $45.00

Thieves’ World® Graphics (color) – Starblaze Press – Colorized omnibus of volumes 1-3 of the Thieves’ World® graphic novel series. Artwork by Tim Sale. 183 pages; trade paper format; $46.00

Thieves’ World® Graphics (color) – Starblaze Press – Limited edition of 500 signed, hard cover, slip-cased edition of the above. Number 1 of 500; signed by Lynn Abbey, Robert Asprin, and Tim Sale.   $165.00

Thieves’ World® Graphic Novels  – Starblaze Press – Black-and-white artwork by Tim Sale. Available as a 6-volume set in trade-paper format – $65. We have a few individual volumes at $12.50; email for availability.

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