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Sixty-three and counting...

I’ve had a beautiful birthday in Southwest Florida — the aftermath of the Embroiderers’ Guild Seminar the preparations for which have filled so much of this past year.

Lois and I had high hopes of doing a dolphin watching cruise that made promises about its concern for research, ecology, and such, but its . . . → Read More: Sixty-three and counting…

Next stop…Austin

SoonerCon and A-Kon are memories. Today it’s off to Austin for the South-Central Region, EGA, annual seminar. Usually I take a class at seminar, but this year, knowing that the seminar would be the last leg of my journey, I decided to take Studio Time instead. . . . → Read More: Next stop…Austin

Happy Birthday!

Today (well…yesterday, I’m running late…again) was Elaine’s birthday.

Continuing a tradition….I knit her a sock

Just one.  Her feet are significantly smaller than mine, so I can’t test the fit by tugging the sock-in-progress over my own foot without stretching it out of shape.  (I also have . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday!

Fun and Games with Zippers


Well, it doesn’t much like the Woolly Fabulous inspiration, but I finished (really finished, as in turned into an almost useful object!) the “exploration” that Diane, Roberta, and I played with last week in Macon.  The construction wasn’t nearly as intuitive as we’d hoped it would be, so . . . → Read More: Fun and Games with Zippers

I’m back

So, I’ve been gone for over a month and I come back to show you this????


Well, yes…and don’t worry if you don’t understand German.,  I don’t either and I didn’t feel that I missed anything important.  I especially appreciated the patriotic paint jobs on the vuvuzelas.

But what actually drew . . . → Read More: I’m back

36 Hours with Kindle Kaos

As expected, I took the Kindle to bed Monday night, all loaded up with intriguing samples, and quickly discovered that, as a reader, I really like being able to sample a couple thousand words before I purchase a book but, as an author, sampling is a major challenge.

As I see it, . . . → Read More: 36 Hours with Kindle Kaos