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Next stop…Austin

SoonerCon and A-Kon are memories. Today it’s off to Austin for the South-Central Region, EGA, annual seminar. Usually I take a class at seminar, but this year, knowing that the seminar would be the last leg of my journey, I decided to take Studio Time instead. . . . → Read More: Next stop…Austin

An “X” of “Y”

A pride of lions…

A gaggle of geese…

An unkindness of ravens…

A surfeit of technology? An inundation of technology?

Whatever it is, I seem to be surrounded by it, largely by my own fault.

I’ve got some events coming up later this year at which a so-called smart-phone will probably be useful. . . . → Read More: An “X” of “Y”

Technical Difficulties in the Neighborhood

In one of those masterpieces of missed communications, we seem to have temporarily lost cherryh.com. We’re looking for it and when we find it, we’ll nail its little feet to the Closed-Circle floor.

. . . → Read More: Technical Difficulties in the Neighborhood

The Digital Nativity…

This morning’s inbox brought me a bit of humor from my cousin…

It’s clever all by itself, but, once I stopped chuckling, I realized that it was actually a tutorial in social networking and suddenly I had new insights into this whole social networking thing.

Between it and TIME magazine’s “Person . . . → Read More: The Digital Nativity

New things in the recycling and buzz-phrase departments…

My shallow-but-wide net has pulled in a few interesting items today.

Indestructables (source of last year’s laundry balls and bath bombs…no ordinary hand-made gifts leave this address) has come up with a list of things to do with dud discs, of which I have way more than I need since I . . . → Read More: New things in the recycling and buzz-phrase departments…

Mom’s doing fine…and the new chair has arrived

When I got to my parents’ house yesterday afternoon, Mom was outside sweeping the (empty) driveway.  She was adamant that her encounter with the semi hadn’t affected her at all physically and I really can’t disagree.  Emotionally, she and Dad were are still coming to terms with events, but they’re doing better . . . → Read More: Mom’s doing fine…and the new chair has arrived