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Leesburg Equinox

We passed through the 2010 Autumnal Equinox a few hours ago. The planet was standing straight up on its axis for a moment or two. In another few hours the Harvest Moon will be full. All of which meant that there was a pretty impressive sunset/moonrise going on a few hours . . . → Read More: Leesburg Equinox

Tropical Storm Alex

Life is never boring in Florida. 

All the omens and experts say that we’re headed into an active storm season.  I’ve stockpiled bottles (which I won’t fill with water until/unless a storm gets immanent), batteries, crackers, peanut butter, and—most important of all—a big bottle of No-Doz (because when the power goes . . . → Read More: Tropical Storm Alex

Scrub Jays, Manatees, & Mardi Gras

Spring arrived in Central Florida last Friday afternoon. After twelve of them, I’ve grown wise to the signs….the sun’s out, the temperature’s up, and, suddenly, the air’s juicy. Juicy—that’s the local word for “somebody’s going to get pounded by a thunderhead this afternoon.”

At the very least, the change in seasons meant that . . . → Read More: Scrub Jays, Manatees, & Mardi Gras

Not quite Star Wars

But NASA did in a cloud on Feb 11…. 

Which is another example of strange things happening in Florida.

Coincidentally, yesterday, when my dad and I were moving the unfortunate new computer, I looked up to see a sun-dog near the late-afternoon sun.  I pointed it out to my . . . → Read More: Not quite Star Wars