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It's that time again....


Christmas 2013

Wow…that went quick. Time flies by so fast these days; I must be getting old.

Wait…I am getting old! This year was the big six-five. I’m on Medicare now. Honestly, I hadn’t looked forward to a birthday so much since I first hit double digits. After . . . → Read More: It’s that time again….

Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

I swore that there’d be no blogging until I a) got my Orion’s Children series ready for publication at Closed Circle and B) Finished the next (seemingly endless) section of Seeking North. I’m halfway there…

It’s taken . . . → Read More: Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

Next stop…Austin

SoonerCon and A-Kon are memories. Today it’s off to Austin for the South-Central Region, EGA, annual seminar. Usually I take a class at seminar, but this year, knowing that the seminar would be the last leg of my journey, I decided to take Studio Time instead. . . . → Read More: Next stop…Austin

How can stress be so boring?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself pretty much every day this year.

Part of the answer, surely, is that most of the stress hasn’t been my stress, but family, friends, and neighborly stress — stress where nothing I do will make any difference. Being a devout agnostic, I can only hope . . . → Read More: How can stress be so boring?

Seeking North

We talk. The three of us inside Closed Circle (Jane, CJ, and me) talk – not as often as we could or should, but we’re trying to do better at not letting time and the better part of a continent stall our communication. We’re scheduling weekly conversations now and have . . . → Read More: Seeking North

I’m Impressed…and a bit taken aback

Jeff Bezos made an announcement a little while ago…

Amazon.com Now Selling More Kindle Books Than Hardcover Books

Since we started Closed Circle, my best guess had been that e-readers like Kindle were going to wipe out the market for mass-market books before they dented hardcovers.  I’d focused . . . → Read More: I’m Impressed…and a bit taken aback