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So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

I don’t like to start a story when I don’t know how it’s going to end. That could be the writer in me, but it’s also the wariness of an inner self that doesn’t quite accept the randomness, non-interconnectedness of ordinary life. Although I was never good at keeping this blog updated, I . . . → Read More: So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

At Play

Today I joined goodreads.

You can find me (I think….hope) here.

I’ve added a mess of books, sorted them into “bookshelves” that appear to bear little resemblance to anyone else’s shelves (hope that’s not going to be a problem) and (much to my surprise) managed to put a . . . → Read More: At Play

Color — A Natural History of the Palette

One of the things that I’d always intended to do with my blog was make notes about what I’ve been reading, because it’s a rare writer who isn’t a voracious reader.

I usually have at least two books in progress: one fiction, one non-fiction. Fiction by my bed, non-fiction in the bathroom. (I . . . → Read More: Color — A Natural History of the Palette