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Thieves' World hits the Big Time...

Jeopardy ran one of its College Tournaments last week and the $800 question on the Valentine’s Day show was….

Medicinal-sounding last name of Robert Lynn, whose fantasy works include “Thieves’ World” & “Myth Adventures” …

and the answer was (of course)

Aspirin (no points for spelling)


I needed a laugh today

I got one!

And I’m sharing it….

I don’t think this is a compliment….

I succumbed to the latest fad and fed the first two chapters of “Behind Time” to the I Write Like site.

It promptly generated this…. (In any other genre, I’d know it wasn’t a compliment, but maybe…in fantasy…

Well…I can hope.

I write like . . . → Read More: I don’t think this is a compliment….

I’m home. I’m working…

I’ll try to get a real post up real soon

but, in the meantime, another example of things I catch in my Internet.. (the link says it all)

Amok Time for Crayfish

Network Solutions 1 / Me…maybe .95

So, there I was, midway through the afternoon, midway through today’s “Getting Things Done” list of stuff needs doing, when the phone rings. It’s a fellow I haven’t talked to in several years….a good guy, but our paths haven’t crossed since the Environmental/Activism group we both belonged to folded its tents back in….oh, . . . → Read More: Network Solutions 1 / Me…maybe .95

So I guess I need to search more…

There’s something inherently interesting about a gathering that dubs itself the Ouagadougou Conference, especially when, after Googling “Ouagadougou” I learn that it’s the capital of Burkina Faso and the gathering is being held in Mountain View, CA (otherwise known as Google Central).

One of the holy grails of this or any . . . → Read More: So I guess I need to search more…