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That Time of the Year Is Here Again

This year definitely did not go according to plan. Although it got off to a good start, in mid-January it went off the proverbial rails when my mother fell midway between the kitchen and the dining-room table. Fortunately, I was right there having one of my regular dinners with my parents. . . . → Read More: That Time of the Year Is Here Again

So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

I don’t like to start a story when I don’t know how it’s going to end. That could be the writer in me, but it’s also the wariness of an inner self that doesn’t quite accept the randomness, non-interconnectedness of ordinary life. Although I was never good at keeping this blog updated, I . . . → Read More: So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

It's that time again....


Christmas 2013

Wow…that went quick. Time flies by so fast these days; I must be getting old.

Wait…I am getting old! This year was the big six-five. I’m on Medicare now. Honestly, I hadn’t looked forward to a birthday so much since I first hit double digits. After . . . → Read More: It’s that time again….

The season between summer and autumn

Okay…one could argue that we don’t really have seasons around here. One could argue—and I frequently have—that we have three flavors of summer: Summer’s Coming, Summer’s HERE, and OMG, it’s STILL Summer! Then, in January, the outside temperature drops into the sixties, I open the windows, and pretend that I’m back in Michigan . . . → Read More: The season between summer and autumn

I'm sharing a birthday

Once I got past the “how many kids can I invite to my birthday party” stage of life, my birthday turned into a customized New Year’s Day: a when I look back and when I, sometimes, make resolutions (like I really should resurrect my blog). This year’s birthday feels special because it has . . . → Read More: I’m sharing a birthday

Just when you least expected it...a new Seeking North installment!

Unlike every other place I’ve lived, late October and, especially, November have the just best, nicest weather we see in central Florida. The humidity drops drastically and the temperature, less drastically. I turn off the air conditioning and open the windows…for the first time since, maybe, April. The air isn’t exactly <em>crisp</em> and . . . → Read More: Just when you least expected it…a new Seeking North installment!