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Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

I swore that there’d be no blogging until I a) got my Orion’s Children series ready for publication at Closed Circle and B) Finished the next (seemingly endless) section of Seeking North. I’m halfway there…

It’s taken . . . → Read More: Orion’s Children have arrived at Closed Circle!

Thieves' World hits the Big Time...

Jeopardy ran one of its College Tournaments last week and the $800 question on the Valentine’s Day show was….

Medicinal-sounding last name of Robert Lynn, whose fantasy works include “Thieves’ World” & “Myth Adventures” …

and the answer was (of course)

Aspirin (no points for spelling)


A Dribble of Seeking North

There are at least three more parts to this section…but that’s one less than there was this morning…

Seeking North — What Can You Do? — Part 2

(My laptop doesn’t have the horsepower to create new mobi’s and epub’s. I’ll fix . . . → Read More: A Dribble of Seeking North

A Thieves’  World Announcement

When Carolyn, Jane, and I started planning Closed Circle, I imagined there’d be a companion site for Thieves World.

I had (and have) a laundry list of things that I wanted to include in the site I planned to call “Thieves’ World Forever” and because it was a laundry list, I never felt . . . → Read More: A Thieves’  World Announcement

How can stress be so boring?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself pretty much every day this year.

Part of the answer, surely, is that most of the stress hasn’t been my stress, but family, friends, and neighborly stress — stress where nothing I do will make any difference. Being a devout agnostic, I can only hope . . . → Read More: How can stress be so boring?

Seeking North (under the wire...)

There have been interruptions, to a point where the interruptions were getting interrupted. I’m over-committed, but that’s a subject for tomorrow and New Year’s Resolutions.

In the meantime, the first — admittedly shorter than I would like — installment of Seeking North has made its appearance at Seeking North

If I weren’t . . . → Read More: Seeking North (under the wire…)