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Seeking North

We talk. The three of us inside Closed Circle (Jane, CJ, and me) talk – not as often as we could or should, but we’re trying to do better at not letting time and the better part of a continent stall our communication. We’re scheduling weekly conversations now and have . . . → Read More: Seeking North

Laurie’s Got a New Book Out!

Laurie Sutton, good friend and frequent commenter here at the Face has a new book on the shelves!  It’s entitled Sword of the Dragon and it’s a YA story about Wonder Woman. 

Laurie’s a veteran comic-book writer and editor.  She’s done DC, she’s done Marvel and . . . → Read More: Laurie’s Got a New Book Out!

Friendship never forgotten

Where to start when something comes to an unequivocable end?

At the beginning? I met Bob Asprin in the early spring of 1976 at Lunacon, a New York City science-fiction convention. We hit it off pretty much from the moment we made eye contact.

At the end? Bob died . . . → Read More: Friendship never forgotten