A Thieves’  World Announcement

When Carolyn, Jane, and I started planning Closed Circle, I imagined there’d be a companion site for Thieves World.

I had (and have) a laundry list of things that I wanted to include in the site I planned to call “Thieves’ World Forever” and because it was a laundry list, I never felt ready to create the site.

Last weekend at SoonerCon I realized that the goalposts were in constant motion and if I waited until I thought I knew enough to do everything myself, well…there’d never be a site.

So, rather than having some grand unveiling–the Athena bursting out of Zeus’ forehead option–I’m trying something completely different: I’m asking for help up-front.

The site is http://thievesworldforever.com .  It’s a WordPress-based site, just like this blog, Closed Circle, and Seeking North…because I think WordPress is robust and extensible enough to handle my laundry list.  More importantly, it’s collaborative.  Conceptually, my model is Eric Flint’s 1632 community with a twist or two (a French knot, perhaps, or a colonial one).

Now I’m looking for a few volunteers to help me turn a laundry list into reality.

3 comments to A Thieves’  World Announcement

  • Skitterling

    What can we do to help?

    • Lynn

      I’m very heartened by the number of folks who are raising their volunteer-hands.

      I’m going to find a way for my assistants to communicate with each other…since so many of them appear to be much more able to implement my laundry list than I will ever be.

      But, even more important than development, will be participation! Unlike the blogs that Jane, CJ, and I are creating, TWF won’t be a solo effort. (My hope is that with a bit of judicious pump-priming, it can generate the income it will need to become a true site to behold…after all, Bob didn’t name it Thieves’ World on a whim

      • Skitterling

        Send me an email, if you like! Also, you might take a volunteer to act as coordinator of volunteers…

        jwrenowden at gmail dot com