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Home again…

Ah, the joys of putting 1100 miles on the Honda in just over 24 hours…

I’m back in Leesburg after three weeks on the road…three weeks of conventions, seminars, visits, workshops and all-around good times. I’m filled with good memories and also very glad to be back in my living room.

(Feather is . . . → Read More: Home again…

Next stop…Austin

SoonerCon and A-Kon are memories. Today it’s off to Austin for the South-Central Region, EGA, annual seminar. Usually I take a class at seminar, but this year, knowing that the seminar would be the last leg of my journey, I decided to take Studio Time instead. . . . → Read More: Next stop…Austin

A Dribble of Seeking North

There are at least three more parts to this section…but that’s one less than there was this morning…

Seeking North — What Can You Do? — Part 2

(My laptop doesn’t have the horsepower to create new mobi’s and epub’s. I’ll fix . . . → Read More: A Dribble of Seeking North

An “X” of “Y”

A pride of lions…

A gaggle of geese…

An unkindness of ravens…

A surfeit of technology? An inundation of technology?

Whatever it is, I seem to be surrounded by it, largely by my own fault.

I’ve got some events coming up later this year at which a so-called smart-phone will probably be useful. . . . → Read More: An “X” of “Y”

A Thieves’  World Announcement

When Carolyn, Jane, and I started planning Closed Circle, I imagined there’d be a companion site for Thieves World.

I had (and have) a laundry list of things that I wanted to include in the site I planned to call “Thieves’ World Forever” and because it was a laundry list, I never felt . . . → Read More: A Thieves’  World Announcement

How can stress be so boring?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself pretty much every day this year.

Part of the answer, surely, is that most of the stress hasn’t been my stress, but family, friends, and neighborly stress — stress where nothing I do will make any difference. Being a devout agnostic, I can only hope . . . → Read More: How can stress be so boring?