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Seeking North (under the wire...)

There have been interruptions, to a point where the interruptions were getting interrupted. I’m over-committed, but that’s a subject for tomorrow and New Year’s Resolutions.

In the meantime, the first — admittedly shorter than I would like — installment of Seeking North has made its appearance at Seeking North

If I weren’t . . . → Read More: Seeking North (under the wire…)

For the Love of Words

It was a lovely Christmas, filled with family, friends, and almost more food than I could eat, but I’m back to work today, determined to meet my self-imposed deadline of New Year’s Eve for the first installment of Seeking North .

I have to take periodic breaks from writing, not so much . . . → Read More: For the Love of Words

The inevitable, inescapable Holiday Letter

…or the “adult” continuation of the What I Did During Summer Vacation tradition.

If I’d sent out a raft of holiday cards, this is the letter that would have been inside the envelope:

The year has flown past, possibly because I did quite a bit of traveling or maybe because I’m getting older . . . → Read More: The inevitable, inescapable Holiday Letter

The Digital Nativity…

This morning’s inbox brought me a bit of humor from my cousin…

It’s clever all by itself, but, once I stopped chuckling, I realized that it was actually a tutorial in social networking and suddenly I had new insights into this whole social networking thing.

Between it and TIME magazine’s “Person . . . → Read More: The Digital Nativity

Seeking North

We talk. The three of us inside Closed Circle (Jane, CJ, and me) talk – not as often as we could or should, but we’re trying to do better at not letting time and the better part of a continent stall our communication. We’re scheduling weekly conversations now and have . . . → Read More: Seeking North

Getting into the spirit…

Okay, first off – who knew there were professional gift wrappers?  That one sort of got past me

But, given that there are professional gift wrappers, I suppose it’s no great surprise that there is at least one gift-wrapping competition…


or that the 2010 competition had been held in . . . → Read More: Getting into the spirit…