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Maybe by the weekend…

I touched up the Wooden Sword cover to make the title a bit easier to read and to add some depth to the sword’s hilt.

I’d really hoped to have the book (and its sample) up on Closed Circle by now, but life intervened: more meetings with roofers in . . . → Read More: Maybe by the weekend…

The Wooden Sword has a cover!

In terms of concept…it’s what I’ve always wanted.

In terms of executions…I’ve seen worse

Tropical Storm Alex

Life is never boring in Florida. 

All the omens and experts say that we’re headed into an active storm season.  I’ve stockpiled bottles (which I won’t fill with water until/unless a storm gets immanent), batteries, crackers, peanut butter, and—most important of all—a big bottle of No-Doz (because when the power goes . . . → Read More: Tropical Storm Alex

I’m back

So, I’ve been gone for over a month and I come back to show you this????


Well, yes…and don’t worry if you don’t understand German.,  I don’t either and I didn’t feel that I missed anything important.  I especially appreciated the patriotic paint jobs on the vuvuzelas.

But what actually drew . . . → Read More: I’m back