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Waiting for a memo

Timeliness notwithstanding, I know there’s no way that the recap memo will have been written on the left coast, reviewed on the right coast, and sent down to Florida in a mere 24 hours, but my nerves don’t really care about that.

There’s a scene in the second act of Sondheim’s Sunday . . . → Read More: Waiting for a memo

Two steps forward, NO steps back!

Have you ever listened to the commentary track on a DVD?  The part where they all comment on how long it took to bring their project-of-the-heart to life: the hopes, the near-misses, the years, the occasional certainty that this will NEVER happen?  Well, it’s been that way.

From the moment Scot . . . → Read More: Two steps forward, NO steps back!

A Note of possible interest to fans of Thieves’ World

If you’re so inclined, later today…possibly around 2PM EDT, you might want to cross your fingers, light a candle, or dance appropriately around a jar of crunchy peanut butter as that is the moment when my agent is currently scheduled to be talking with the Left Coast…and if all goes well, the . . . → Read More: A Note of possible interest to fans of Thieves’ World

Further adventures with Kindle Kaos

So, there I was at 1AM Saturday morning, sitting alone in an emergency-room examination room, waiting for my neighbor to return from the x-ray, trying—with limited success—to ignore the very, very unhappy young man in the next examination room, the almost as unhappy emergency-room personnel attempting to treat him, and the quartet . . . → Read More: Further adventures with Kindle Kaos