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Things I’ve learned this month…


1, When someone I cherish dies, the wound is deep, but clean.  J. was a quiet warrior.  She contracted polio as a young woman, not too many years before vaccines took the fear out of summertime crowds (and made Disneyland possible.)  Doctors told polio survivors to fight the weakness that accompanied . . . → Read More: Things I’ve learned this month…

36 Hours with Kindle Kaos

As expected, I took the Kindle to bed Monday night, all loaded up with intriguing samples, and quickly discovered that, as a reader, I really like being able to sample a couple thousand words before I purchase a book but, as an author, sampling is a major challenge.

As I see it, . . . → Read More: 36 Hours with Kindle Kaos


Let’s see…since my last post I’ve done my taxes (oh joy, oh rapture), done the page proofs for The Guardians, begun to mourn the loss of a good friend, grappled with a complete lack of a grief-response to the sudden death of a neighbor, and, at about 2PM this afternoon, EDT, . . . → Read More: Kindling

An interesting analysis of the “agency model”

Random House vs. Apple’s iPad: Stall Tactics Only Hurt Authors, Sales

with thanks to Elaine—who always enjoys legal humor

El Niño and me

I never gave much thought to El Niño until I moved to Florida in 1997.  I suppose there must have been El Niños before then…years of unseasonable seasons…but I wasn’t aware of any great pattern to them (of course, I grew up in the days of the comic-relief weather-guy…the one who invented . . . → Read More: El Niño and me