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I’m home. I’m working…

I’ll try to get a real post up real soon

but, in the meantime, another example of things I catch in my Internet.. (the link says it all)

Amok Time for Crayfish

Network Solutions 1 / Me…maybe .95

So, there I was, midway through the afternoon, midway through today’s “Getting Things Done” list of stuff needs doing, when the phone rings. It’s a fellow I haven’t talked to in several years….a good guy, but our paths haven’t crossed since the Environmental/Activism group we both belonged to folded its tents back in….oh, . . . → Read More: Network Solutions 1 / Me…maybe .95

Keeping busy…

I’ve added new photo galleries at my Picasa niche – two galleries to be precise: one of the Emerald Princess where Elaine and my parents and I stayed for a week and the other with some pictures of the places we visited.  I think I’ve got the album-creation and . . . → Read More: Keeping busy…

All Things Rifkind…

I think I’ve figured out how to take advantage of WordPress’s “Category” function to create discussion pages for my books…

Just make a comment to this message….I’ll turn the comment into a post which will magically reappear below this post and stay here and serve as an anchor for an open-ended discussion . . . → Read More: All Things Rifkind…

Picture gallery experimentation

Scrub Jay picture gallery?????

On the road…not

Here I sit, in the cavernously quiet showroom of the local Honda dealership.  The laptop says there’s an excellent-strength unencrypted wireless network here, but I can’t get on. 


So, it’s offline blogging while I wait to learn how much it’s going to cost (and how long it’s going to take) . . . → Read More: On the road…not