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Another Hat Trick (actually, a scarf)

First: how can I not subscribe to a site calling itself “Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories”?

Second: I’ve been a fan of Carl Sagan since his earliest appearances on Johnny Carson, and it was because of him that I signed up for what became the BOINC Seti project back in . . . → Read More: Another Hat Trick (actually, a scarf)

So I guess I need to search more…

There’s something inherently interesting about a gathering that dubs itself the Ouagadougou Conference, especially when, after Googling “Ouagadougou” I learn that it’s the capital of Burkina Faso and the gathering is being held in Mountain View, CA (otherwise known as Google Central).

One of the holy grails of this or any . . . → Read More: So I guess I need to search more…

Scrub Jays, Manatees, & Mardi Gras

Spring arrived in Central Florida last Friday afternoon. After twelve of them, I’ve grown wise to the signs….the sun’s out, the temperature’s up, and, suddenly, the air’s juicy. Juicy—that’s the local word for “somebody’s going to get pounded by a thunderhead this afternoon.”

At the very least, the change in seasons meant that . . . → Read More: Scrub Jays, Manatees, & Mardi Gras

Not quite Star Wars

But NASA did in a cloud on Feb 11…. 

Which is another example of strange things happening in Florida.

Coincidentally, yesterday, when my dad and I were moving the unfortunate new computer, I looked up to see a sun-dog near the late-afternoon sun.  I pointed it out to my . . . → Read More: Not quite Star Wars

All hail the space-key

I know it’s a poor workman who blames his tools…but after fighting with the keyboard in general and the space-key in particular on my laptop (which is my blogging machine) I conceded defeat and ordered a replacement keyboard earlier this week.

It arrived today and, during Stephane Lambiel’s and Daisuke Takahashi’s Olympic free . . . → Read More: All hail the space-key

Administrivia – Part 2

I have been remiss.  A week or so ago, at the height of the Amazon/Macmillan kerfluffle, a commenter pointed out that nowhere here at Face of Chaos did I take the time to identify myself nor had I done anything to satisfy a newcomer’s curiosity about my storytelling.

I took steps to . . . → Read More: Administrivia – Part 2