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New Year’s Resolutions

I made several and made good (finally) on one of them today.

I have a gym membership, but it’s been a while…a couple whiles, at least…since I’ve paid a visit.

But things have been going better.  I’ve written new prose (a little) every day for over a week and the Daughter of . . . → Read More: New Year’s Resolutions

At Play

Today I joined goodreads.

You can find me (I think….hope) here.

I’ve added a mess of books, sorted them into “bookshelves” that appear to bear little resemblance to anyone else’s shelves (hope that’s not going to be a problem) and (much to my surprise) managed to put a . . . → Read More: At Play

What if?


My daily drift net caught this video for the second time and I watched for the second time (I recommend muting the sound track.  I don’t have anything against women singing Ave Maria, but, IMHO, the hymn adds nothing to this video).

Together, SF and Fantasy are the genre of exponential . . . → Read More: What if?

In The Beginning…

If it’s 11PM on Wednesday, in the eastern US time zone, then the odds are that I’m on the phone, talking to Elaine.  We set our conversational dates (Wednesday and Saturday) and time back when I’d first moved to Florida and “unlimited long distance” was only a dream.

We have . . . → Read More: In The Beginning…

The Happy Geek

Apparently I was successful in my quest to restore CJ’s lost blog pages.  I had help.  Steve and others answered the bleg and gave me some quick lessons in mySQL and PHP.  I needed a few days to make use of what I’d been told but now the black box . . . → Read More: The Happy Geek

The 3/50 Project

There are over 1500 lakes here in Lake County,  FL.   A lot of them are plugged up sinkholes (which sometimes come unplugged, transforming lakefront property into a meadow fit only for goats).  Some of them are little more than seasonal retention ponds.  No matter what kind of lake, though, they have at . . . → Read More: The 3/50 Project