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Only in Florida…


My parents moved to Florida in 1980, when they were fresh-minted retirees.

Their community had a distinctly “Greatest Generation” feel to it.

But time passes. 

Boomers are moving in and I’m starting to think that I might have more in common with their newest neighbors than they . . . → Read More: Only in Florida…

Sounds of the proverbial season

Philosophically and theologically, I’m agnostic, without knowledge or wisdom, though what I really lack is faith.  It takes faith to believe in a god and just as much faith not to believe in one either.  (Where faith equates to a willingness to accept as true that which cannot be empirically proven.)

Culturally, . . . → Read More: Sounds of the proverbial season

Fingers on Parole…

No post yesterday evening because I’d forgotten about my o’dark-thirty doctor’s appointment.

The news on the finger-front is good. I’ve restored about 80% of my range-of-motion and there’s a good chance I’ll get the other 20% back over the next month or so without signing up for formal rehab.

I’ve noticed that both . . . → Read More: Fingers on Parole…

Home again (not the holiday card)

The title says it all.

I woke up in Macon, had a lovely breakfast, said goodbye to Roberta and her family, and began driving SS1 and her mother back to Florida.  We were moving along quite nicely, leaving the rain behind us, until we were about eighty miles from the Florida . . . → Read More: Home again (not the holiday card)

On the road p2 – Still Macon

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a cold, rainy day.  Everything’s grayed and muted, but glistening a bit as the raindrops strike and set things to moving and the temperatures are low enough that I’m wearing a sweater.

A couple of weeks of such weather (which in Ann Arbor was . . . → Read More: On the road p2 – Still Macon

On the Road Pt 1 — Macon

Never mind that I should be working on The Guardians or, at the very least, getting my holiday stuff together, today I drove to Macon, GA.  (There are several other Macons, or so weather.com informed me.)

I didn’t drive by myself….I wasn’t even driving my own car.  A very special friend . . . → Read More: On the Road Pt 1 — Macon