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Digression — the Forbidden Stitch

(This started as a reply to CJ’s comment to the previous post…then took on a life of its own)

There are two stories about how the “Forbidden Stitch” (or Forbidden Stitches…there are several that claim the title) got the name.

First off (and not one of the stories) — The “Forbidden Stitch” is . . . → Read More: Digression — the Forbidden Stitch

Fashioning Kimono — Part 1

In April, after some shuffling of schedules, Diane and I and one of Diane’s longtime friends who’d come to Florida to escape Indian Winter up north, headed up to Gainesville to view a pair of art exhibits, both hung around a “Kimono” theme.

Our first stop was the Harn Museum on the University . . . → Read More: Fashioning Kimono — Part 1

Interesting Photos

Sometimes, as much by accident or luck as by design, something damaged appears to heal…


Closed Circle — We Have Liftoff

It’s taken a month, but the carpenter ants have finished: The Closed Circle site where my friends CJ Cherryh and Jane Fancher and I intend to establish ourselves (and, more importantly, our work) on the . . . → Read More: Closed Circle — We Have Liftoff