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Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

The question is the title of one of my favorite songs. It was written (and best performed) by Sandy Denny. (There are several clips out on YouTube). Sandy died, unfortunately, in 1978–another one of those musicians whose candle burnt a little too brightly at both ends–so, for her, the . . . → Read More: Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Much Ado About Nothing

The observant will note that Face of Chaos is looking a bit more austere right now.

Apparently my old look/feel theme wasn’t completely compatible with the version of WordPress that I installed when I migrated everything to the new server last week. I could have simply ported everything into a fully compatible theme, . . . → Read More: Much Ado About Nothing

Another Two-Monkey Day

I was having a fairly ordinary day for most of today…that is I was flailing away at my to-do list and falling behind at my usual rate. I’d really wanted to finish kitting the milkman’s wallet I’m going to be teaching at the Embroiderers’ Guild this week and next before I headed down . . . → Read More: Another Two-Monkey Day

I Solve A Problem

April 11, 2009

Actually, I solved the problem a while ago, it’s updating the blog that’s taken forever.

The problem was my parents’ television set. Back after the holidays, when we all thought that The Great Television Signal Shift was going to take place in February, my mom prevailed upon my dad to . . . → Read More: I Solve A Problem