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Under the Weather

I’ve got bronchitis. This is nothing new; according to my doctor, I’ve had bronchitis for over a month now. Back in February I came down with a cold, or maybe a type-B flu, either way, I dutifully waited seven days before going to a walk-in clinic for some antibiotics, because there’s no sense . . . → Read More: Under the Weather


The Kennedy Space Complex sits fifty miles, more or less, due east of the “Wuthering Heights” parking lot, This doesn’t give us a bird’s eye view of Shuttle launches, but it’s usually worth going downstairs to watch them streak away. (We can see other rocket launches, too, but they’re so much smaller that . . . → Read More: Well…pooh…

Another Lost Weekend…

For the third week in a row, I spent Saturday on the east coast. This time it was a meeting of the Orange Blossom Sampler Guild. There were twelve of us at the meeting, most of whom had driven to the coast from the Orlando area. We moved the meetings to Cocoa because . . . → Read More: Another Lost Weekend…

Having a Lazy Afternoon

I should be working…in the sense of writing words for “real” publication rather than words for my blog, but once I get in experiment mode, it can be difficult to stop.

The current experiment is something called “Zoundry,” because, as noted, previously, I’m not doing this for myself, . . . → Read More: Having a Lazy Afternoon

The Matrix — Or Why I Never Blog

Almost every morning for the last eleven months — usually while I’m going about my morning chores: making coffee, feeding the cat (undoing whatever chaos she’s created overnight), retrieving emails and the newspaper — I get a great idea for a blog entry. I’ll even parse it out in my head…formatting, graphics, all . . . → Read More: The Matrix — Or Why I Never Blog