That Time of the Year Is Here Again

This year definitely did not go according to plan. Although it got off to a good start, in mid-January it went off the proverbial rails when my mother fell midway between the kitchen and the dining-room table. Fortunately, I was right there having one of my regular dinners with my parents. . . . → Read More: That Time of the Year Is Here Again

So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

I don’t like to start a story when I don’t know how it’s going to end. That could be the writer in me, but it’s also the wariness of an inner self that doesn’t quite accept the randomness, non-interconnectedness of ordinary life. Although I was never good at keeping this blog updated, I . . . → Read More: So What’s New? (catharsis edition)

It's that time again....


Christmas 2013

Wow…that went quick. Time flies by so fast these days; I must be getting old.

Wait…I am getting old! This year was the big six-five. I’m on Medicare now. Honestly, I hadn’t looked forward to a birthday so much since I first hit double digits. After . . . → Read More: It’s that time again….

At Least It's Never Dull Around Here

I’m a planner. Sometimes it would take an archeologist to find my plans amid the chaos, but they’re there. Every morning I get out of bed with a clear idea of what I want to accomplish before I go horizontal again.

On a very good day, The Plan survives and I go to . . . → Read More: At Least It’s Never Dull Around Here

Turns out that you *can* go home again

And that’s what I did over the Memorial Day weekend.

(A brief pause while I take a look outside…. No, everything seems intact; an unexpected outbreak of blogging here has not caused a rupture in the space/time continuum.)

Since I had such a wonderful time in Boston over the 2012 Memorial Day weekend . . . → Read More: Turns out that you *can* go home again

The season between summer and autumn

Okay…one could argue that we don’t really have seasons around here. One could argue—and I frequently have—that we have three flavors of summer: Summer’s Coming, Summer’s HERE, and OMG, it’s STILL Summer! Then, in January, the outside temperature drops into the sixties, I open the windows, and pretend that I’m back in Michigan . . . → Read More: The season between summer and autumn